Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe Part 3

Because of his revolutionary work, Poe is cited as the influence of an unending lists of artists and creators, this is showcased thoroughly in the countless nods and homage’s that appear in popular culture. Maybe one of the reasons that Poe and his legacy remain in the collective conscious is because of this constant barrage of tributes to the author. With a mixture of his style and sensibilities to the saddened themes and even the troubles of his real life, others are continually inspired by the entire existence of Edgar Allan Poe and choose to express it in a variety of ways.

Poe In Music

Early on classical composers took to creating settings and musical representations of Poe’s stories, often titling the pieces after shorts or poems. These piano works and orchestral pieces seek to encompass the essence of what Poe was writing about by translating the emotions into an audio medium, which is of course something that only expert musicians could task themselves with. Several composers took onboard the shadowy sounds that came from the pages more recently with famous minimalist composer Philip Glass who chose The Fall of the House of Usher as his inspiration. Although Poe has notably influenced bands as big as The Beatles, Queen and Bob Dylan, more obvious is Poe’s influence on those who work in more brooding genres. Metal and all its subgenres tend to have a subject matter and an aesthetic tone that bask in the grim and stygian wonder of blackened things. Therefore, it is no surprise that the man who romanticized gore, chewed over death and glorified gothic imagery happens to be an influence on those creating macabre music today. AFI, Cradle Of Filth, Nightwish and many more have used Poe in their music, ranging from songs based on poems to entire concept albums on the man’s work.

Poe in TV

With Universal Studios adapting many of his works early on which inspired the now world-renowned Universal Monsters, the horror genre has always had a little Edgar Allan Poe underneath its veil. Endless screen adaptations of his shorts are constantly being created (Like the unforgettable telling of the Raven on The Simpsons) with new releases coming out every year. On top of this nods to the inspirational creator feature in film and TV everywhere such as in Batman ’66, The Crow, The Lost Boys and even in the Saw horror franchise. More recently TV series The Following focused on a cult whose leader was obsessed with the works of Poe, one of his brainwashed victims even uttered what are thought to be Poe’s last words before meeting their own demise. More recently even is Netflix’s futuristic Altered Carbon, which features Poe in the form of an artificially intelligent hotel. This odd but entertaining take has actor Chris Conner take on the physical form of Poe, dressed in the same attire that he can be seen wearing in the few photos that exist of the man.

Today Poe remains one of the world’s most famous writers and a historic influence on artists in all genres. With countless film adaptations, musical tributes and graphic novels based on his work still today it is no surprise that we cannot forget the man. But poetry especially is tough to separate from his dark legacy, as it is impossible to spell Poem without Poe.