Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe – Part 1

Few other writers or indeed poets are as well celebrated or indeed as inspiring as the troubled Bostonian Edgar Allen Poe. Hit by the tragedy of his Father’s desertion and his Mothers untimely death, this orphaned at a young man probably didn’t stand much chance at being one of the worlds most renowned literary figures but his work, though not appreciated as much at the time, propelled his career beyond his origins. Clearly influenced by the fatalities of people he was close to and also managing the his bleak and famously darkened view of the world into something productive, Edgar A. Poe (as his work is signed) is now an omnipresent force in almost all outlets of the art world.

Poe began writing poetry and was keen to make writing his career, his life story of remaining quite poor despite his works and posthumous fame have become the somewhat synonymous expectation for those seeking a lifelong job in the writing industry. Writing was not exceptionally profitable, especially in Poe’s early life as he was still working on his skills. In order to pay the bills he enlisted in the US military, and despite being four years younger than they believed he was, Poe began his time in the army hoping his poetry would soon give him a reason to exit. With his first publication only having a mere 50 copies being sold, this artistic genius spent several years prepping shells for artillery, despite his heart and mind being elsewhere. With the death of his foster mother spurring a reason for his dismissal, Poe eventually left his post here and after some downtime moved to a military academy. Now with the second leading lady of his life gone, his writing took more influence as he continued to create despite his daily duties. Using his writing here he actually skewed his skills in order to entertain his fellow bedmates. Writing humorous and intensely critical musings about the commanding officers there, Poe constructed an early fan base as his satire appealed to all those who knew the targets of his wit. Soon he had accrued such a following that he was able to raise money by asking cadets for donations towards his next publication. His next release ‘Poems’ was thus funded and released, and so was he, he returned home from the academy only to have his Brother pass away not too long after.

Thanks to a series of reasons during the time such as poor copyright law, disrespect for writers and economic scarcity, Poe had picked a particularly tough time to dedicate himself to a dream that revolved only around such an unstable profession.

With his critiques being so fondly taken aboard by readers however, Poe eventually managed to get a job as an assistant editor in a magazine, meanwhile his poems and short stories were being put out into the world as his name became very gradually more renowned. His reviews and intensely harsh critiques at the time made him memorable, readers would look forward to him ‘slaughtering’ the works of others with no holds barred, not unlike the way so many enjoy seeing others mocked in the media today.