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Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe Part 3

Because of his revolutionary work, Poe is cited as the influence of an unending lists of artists and creators, this is showcased thoroughly in the countless nods and homage’s that appear in popular culture. Maybe one of the reasons that Poe and his legacy remain in the collective conscious is because of this constant barrage… Read More

Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe – Part 2

Now writing full time as part of a literary outlet, Poe was virtually living the life he had imagined, though without the funds. After marrying Virginia Clemm who was actually his 13-year-old first cousin, Poe who was now confident in his writings aspired to improve the writers of the generation and indeed the intellectual world… Read More

Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe – Part 1

Few other writers or indeed poets are as well celebrated or indeed as inspiring as the troubled Bostonian Edgar Allen Poe. Hit by the tragedy of his Father’s desertion and his Mothers untimely death, this orphaned at a young man probably didn’t stand much chance at being one of the worlds most renowned literary figures… Read More