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The Top Contemporary Poet is Thirty, Thrifty and Thriving

The poet Ocean Vuong is creating some ripples in a very positive light over the last few years. Ocean was born in 1988, making him a thriving thirty-one year old. He is an assistant professor in Amherst at the University of Massachusetts where he helps in the MFA Program for writers. His collection that he… Read More

Rod McKuen – The Songwriter Who Was Also a Poet

Rod McKuen was a writer and singer from California, who was at the peak of his career during the 60s and 70s. He was among the most famous poets and writers of the last century. Many of the books he wrote, went on to become international bestsellers. Rod was also a popular television figure with… Read More

The Greatest Modern Chinese Poet Who Lived and Died Mysteriously

Many world-renowned Chinese names resound when you mention the field of philosophy and spirituality. However, China has also lots to contribute when it comes to the area of literature and the arts. One of the most well-known names in this field during the contemporary period in China is Zha Haisheng or better known by his… Read More

The Darker Meaning Behind the Famous Childhood Poem – Ring of Roses

Nursery rhymes are always a symbol of innocence and sweetness. Children run around in circles singing the ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ rhyme all over the world, enjoying the singing and hopping. Different versions of the same rhyme have enthralled educators too. If you have children, you may have taught them or heard them singing nursery… Read More

Spark a Revolution Through Poetry and Music – Childish Gambino

Donald Glover, the mind and mastery behind ‘This is America’ has been creating a worldwide sensation with his biggest single. The controversial song has created ripples and the video tugs at heart and has left viewers wide-eyed with confusion about what happens on screen. Very casually he released the launch of his new single when… Read More

Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe Part 3

Because of his revolutionary work, Poe is cited as the influence of an unending lists of artists and creators, this is showcased thoroughly in the countless nods and homage’s that appear in popular culture. Maybe one of the reasons that Poe and his legacy remain in the collective conscious is because of this constant barrage… Read More

Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe – Part 2

Now writing full time as part of a literary outlet, Poe was virtually living the life he had imagined, though without the funds. After marrying Virginia Clemm who was actually his 13-year-old first cousin, Poe who was now confident in his writings aspired to improve the writers of the generation and indeed the intellectual world… Read More

Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe – Part 1

Few other writers or indeed poets are as well celebrated or indeed as inspiring as the troubled Bostonian Edgar Allen Poe. Hit by the tragedy of his Father’s desertion and his Mothers untimely death, this orphaned at a young man probably didn’t stand much chance at being one of the worlds most renowned literary figures… Read More

Lupe Fiasco – Human Hip Hop – Part 2

This single sat proudly amongst the other tracks on his first album entitled Food and Liquor. As expected by such a deep thinker the album name itself had a deeper meaning. In reference to the many food and liquor stores around Chicago, Lupe saw them as outlets that had everything people needed, though the food… Read More