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Spark a Revolution Through Poetry and Music – Childish Gambino

Donald Glover, the mind and mastery behind ‘This is America’ has been creating a worldwide sensation with his biggest single. The controversial song has created ripples and the video tugs at heart and has left viewers wide-eyed with confusion about what happens on screen. Very casually he released the launch of his new single when… Read More

Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe Part 3

Because of his revolutionary work, Poe is cited as the influence of an unending lists of artists and creators, this is showcased thoroughly in the countless nods and homage’s that appear in popular culture. Maybe one of the reasons that Poe and his legacy remain in the collective conscious is because of this constant barrage… Read More

Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe – Part 2

Now writing full time as part of a literary outlet, Poe was virtually living the life he had imagined, though without the funds. After marrying Virginia Clemm who was actually his 13-year-old first cousin, Poe who was now confident in his writings aspired to improve the writers of the generation and indeed the intellectual world… Read More

Evermore – Edgar Allen Poe – Part 1

Few other writers or indeed poets are as well celebrated or indeed as inspiring as the troubled Bostonian Edgar Allen Poe. Hit by the tragedy of his Father’s desertion and his Mothers untimely death, this orphaned at a young man probably didn’t stand much chance at being one of the worlds most renowned literary figures… Read More

Lupe Fiasco – Human Hip Hop – Part 2

This single sat proudly amongst the other tracks on his first album entitled Food and Liquor. As expected by such a deep thinker the album name itself had a deeper meaning. In reference to the many food and liquor stores around Chicago, Lupe saw them as outlets that had everything people needed, though the food… Read More

Lupe Fiasco – Human Hip Hop – Part 1

Born into the inner-city streets of Chicago in 1982, Wasalu Muhammad Jaco better known today by his stage name Lupe Fiasco has continued to showcase a new higher level of excellence in hip hop. Originally not a fan of the genre he would eventually be renowned for because of its culture of misogyny, young Lupe… Read More

What Is More Important, Metaphors or Memories?

Pop music, or more specifically bubblegum pop is renowned for its surface level lyrical content. Aggressively delightful, air-headed whimsy that fits better to the melody than it does to the real life of anyone listening. But this of course is not shared by all genres. Country music is renowned for being one of the most… Read More

The Strange Sound of Shrines

Formed in 2010, the combination of Corin Roddick and Megan James are better known as the Band Purity Ring. Together they create a very distinct form of dream pop that sets their music far left of many other styles in its genre. Their 2012 album Shrines is a strange record that collects many fascinating features… Read More

The Poet Who Formed Hip-Hop – Part 2

As spoken word poetry evolved into what we know today as hip-hop through fans and innovators of the time, Gil Scott-Heron’s original style did not come obsolete. Now appealing not only to his original crowd of blues and jazz listeners but also being ingested by R&B fans, his single Angel Dust reached number 15 in… Read More

Is There Any Poetry Left in Pop?

Pop music or chart music began in the early 50s but by the latter half of the decade the genre and meaning had shifted. Thanks to bands with an increasingly excitable fan base like Liverpool outfit The Beatles, the type of music recognised as pop opened up to a much broader spectrum. Now undefined by… Read More