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The Strange Sound of Shrines

Formed in 2010, the combination of Corin Roddick and Megan James are better known as the Band Purity Ring. Together they create a very distinct form of dream pop that sets their music far left of many other styles in its genre. Their 2012 album Shrines is a strange record that collects many fascinating features… Read More

The Poet Who Formed Hip-Hop – Part 2

As spoken word poetry evolved into what we know today as hip-hop through fans and innovators of the time, Gil Scott-Heron’s original style did not come obsolete. Now appealing not only to his original crowd of blues and jazz listeners but also being ingested by R&B fans, his single Angel Dust reached number 15 in… Read More

Is There Any Poetry Left in Pop?

Pop music or chart music began in the early 50s but by the latter half of the decade the genre and meaning had shifted. Thanks to bands with an increasingly excitable fan base like Liverpool outfit The Beatles, the type of music recognised as pop opened up to a much broader spectrum. Now undefined by… Read More